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The Thrill Is In The Ambulance Chase!

Personal injury attorneys Angela Caruso and Nick Sourvanos have gone from opposing counsel to co-counsel. You'd think life for these two lovers would be nothing but smooth sailing and rough sex.

Unfortunately, two hot-blooded lawyers sharing cases under one roof prove that business and pleasure are a volatile mix.

Thinking a little independence at work is just what she needs, Angela sets out to prove her new client's son was truthful about his use -- or abuse -- of alcohol when he applied for life insurance. He died of end-stage liver disease, and Providence Insurance Company refused to pay Angela's client a hefty sum.

The case is riddled with problems -- and Nick can't resist butting in

Only one thing can save Angela's relationship with Nick -- and win her case. Unfortunately, it may be the one thing Angela is incapable of doing.



Nick snapped out of his relaxation pose and leaned forward. His eyes seemed to scan my desk. "Not much. Looking forward to your cousin's wedding this weekend."

"Yep. Get ready to chicken dance and overeat. Either way, you'll want some stretchy pants." I smiled as I tried to envision Nick in a leotard ensemble.

"So, how's the Richmond case coming?" Nick asked breezily, looking out my window.

Bingo! This is what he's after. It was killing him to know there was a case looming he didn't have his hands on.

"So, you think it will go to trial?" he added.

I went for the vague approach. "Hard to tell."

"Do you have a copy of the insurance application?"


"No reason. Just interested in the language." Nick used his best casual voice.

He got up and walked toward me, came around my desk, stood before me and pulled me out of my chair by my hands. Then he picked me up like a baby and sat down in my chair so I was on his lap.

Damn. If he starts loving-me-up, beans will start spilling. I'd give away national security secrets for a love-nuzzle. I'd turn on my own mother for a little skin-on-skin action.

His left hand grazed my hip. "Come on now. What's the big issue?" He lowered his hand to my bare shin.

Even though the room got a little warm, and my woozy head felt like it was swinging from side to side, I managed to splutter an answer. "Well, the application asks if the applicant had ever been treated for alcoholism or had any known indications of alcoholism." I traced the hair above Nick's ear with my finger.

"So what have you found?"

I snapped out of my love-trance. "Actually, we just learned our client's son was arrested for drunk driving."

Yeah. If I could remain focused long enough to reveal the crappy facts, I might be able to throw this bloodhound off my scent.

Nick looked at me skeptically. "Doesn't sound good. Is that why the insurance company is denying benefits?"

"No. The medical records say my client's son used to drink quite a bit. I'm waiting for the rest of the medical chart." I wiggled my legs like a dog trying to get its owner to keep rubbing its belly. It worked. Nick grabbed the back of my calf.

"Well if you need any help you can come to me."

"Of course. I think I've got it all under control though."

The interrogation was apparently over because Nick popped out of cuddle-mode. He stood while lifting me with him. Then he set my feet on the ground. He gave me a light tap on the ass for good measure and headed toward my door.

As Nick exited my office and entered the waiting area, I paid attention to whether he turned his head toward Christina. She was sitting in the opposite direction from his office.

Nick walked out and immediately turned his head to look at Christina. However, his body turned toward his office. I thought this probably summed up the situation. His head was where it shouldn't be, but his body was pulling him in the right direction.